Storing Cannabis Seeds - Important tips for optimal germination rates

Storing Cannabis Seeds - Important tips for optimal germination rates

Storing cannabis seeds with the right method can improve the lifespan of your seed to 10 years of even more in some cases. Cannabis seeds are a big investment in your future cannabis stash; they are not only valuable by themselves. This is why storing them properly and safely is very important and can mean the difference between incredible success and extreme disappointment.

You probably want your cannabis seeds to be fresh regardless of how long you are going to store them, whether you live in an area where planting cannabis is legal, or you're waiting for those magnificent times when your local legislation changes their response to this question in favor of allowing you to grow marijuana at home. Your cannabis seeds are indeed very valuable treasures, so treat them like one. To be sure your seeds give you the awesome cannabis plant you want, follow these tips.

Don't store your seeds with toxic substances

Some people say adding silica gel into where your seeds are is good, but they are wrong. The safety of your seeds will be at risk if you store them with toxic substances. You had better use a sheet of paper – just normal newspaper or paper napkin, not lacker-coated paper – if you want to add something to absorb the humidity in the jar.

Your cannabis seeds must be kept dry

Sensation Seeds are already packed dry and stored in a vacuum package. But make sure all your seeds are not damp or wet before you store them in a another bag, if you prepare your own storage. Your seeds can be damaged with even the smallest amount of moisture — it can lead to rot appearance or mold and destroy the whole batch. It is therefore very important that you dry your seeds on a sheet of paper in a dim environment before storing them.

Avoid keeping your seeds in an extremely cold place

Do not store your seeds anywhere outside if you live in places with severe winters. The seeds can die once the temperature goes too low. Some of the strains can survive in low temperatures, but don't take any chances. You can store your seeds in a closet, in the door of a fridge, or in a garage. Temperatures between 4°C – 7°C would be okay.

Store your seeds in a dark place

Create a winter-like environment for your seeds and let it be as if they are on cold soil covered with fallen leaves or snow.

Keep the seeds away from physical damage

Ensure that there's nothing that can crush your seeds accidentally, even if you go to the extent of keeping them in the lowest corner of your closet. Remove any heavy tin cans, bags or boxes that can damage your seeds. To fully protect your seeds from external damage, the best option would be to keep them in a glass jar.

Inspect your cannabis seeds occasionally

A lot of things that you do not expect may occur; your place may be infected by insects or rodents, frequent rains may raise the humidity in you home. It is advisable to inspect your seeds from time to time, even if you don't see any problem arising. By doing this you will get noticed of any upcoming disaster on time. In addition, it will also help you remember the type of seeds you store if you've got loads of them — it may also prevent unnecessary buying.

Keep your seeds out of the reach of rodents or pests

The ideal place you should store you cannabis seeds is in the door of a fridge. However, this might not always be possible. At times, you may have too many seeds and the door of the fridge may not be able to contain them all, or you simply may not want anyone to see them. Storing cannabis seeds in other dry and dark places is okay only if you keep the cannabis seeds out of the reach of any rodent or pest. You can use sugar, tea glass jars or tin cans. Tighten them properly and be sure they won't roll or fall anywhere accidentally.

Label all the strains

Cannabis seeds look similar; even if you know which is which now, after some months you'll get confused. So it's obvious that labeling your seeds can save you from unnecessary hassle. What we would recommend to write on the label are the date of harvest of the seeds and some technical information about the behavior of the strain, not only the strain's name. Some technical details to write on the label include what pests or illnesses can destroy it, the best time to plant the seeds, etc.

Just keep your cannabis seeds in a safe condition, and you'll love the reward. Your seeds may stay up to 5 years if all the conditions of storing them are met. We advise people not to wait for too long and renovate your seed bank every 2 years, though some growers on the forums say they were able to germinate even those that were 20 years old. You will get to enjoy the best weed ever if only you treat your seeds well!


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